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Trying To Help

I’m Barbara, I’m Brazilian, and am 19 years old. I was abused by my step father when I was 8 years old. I told to my father, who told my mother, but they decided that I was lying, and ignored me. My mom sad to me that if I want, she would divorce of my step father, but we won’t have money to survive (she stop to work when get married).

So I blame myself, and never mentioned the subject anymore. My mother forced me to be kind and kiss and hug my abuser for all the years after that. But last year, I was raped by a stranger, going to college in the morning. I had to stop to study, because I couldn’t even step out home without have a panic attack. It was very difficult to find information about what happened to me, people to talk about, and a psychologist that knew to treat this kind of trauma. I was, again, feeling really alone. Thankfully, I fond a psychologist, I’m treating both the rape and the abuse in the childhood, start to search about rape and how to fight it back, how to end rape culture

I had an idea to do so to start a project to support Brazilian victims of rape, and to fight rape culture. I found the film about Linor, and felt that she was really alike me, and wanted to tell my history. I need help to make my project get the girls who can be helped for it. The name of it it’s Gente que te Apoia, the site is

Thanks for reading, I would be so happy if you can answer me.

Kisses, Bárbara


  • Jason Hogan
  • Cathy McLellan


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