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University Bar

I was in my university student bar with a friend visiting from home- we had decided to let loose one final time before exams and got incredibly drunk. Upon arriving at the ‘Club Night’ in my SU we were waiting at the bar and met some guys. From what I can remember the one I was talking to was older and not a student at the university, as it transpired he had actually come from London. He bought us drinks which we drunkenly accepted which he told us to down so we could have another. After this first drink my mind goes blank and it isn’t until a while later when I’m outside walking back to my accommodation with just him that I start to recall the rest of the night. I was saying that he couldn’t stay as my friend was here and there was no space to which he kept saying he was and she could go elsewhere until he finally said ‘I’m not not having sex with you’. After that I remember being in the grass and clothes ripping and the unthinkable happening. I was barely awake and at points completely passed out. Finally I reported it to the police but it was too late to find bodily signs of damage and after months and an arrest I was told there was not enough evidence to prosecute. I struggle the most with knowing he got away with it and not knowing his name, something that haunts me everyday. I know this happens to thousands of women and girls but it feels good to share my story even anonymously and know that there are people who understand truly the terrors of it.

— Survivor, age 19

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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