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I just watched the film on Netflix and wanted to share my story as well.

I was not rape,d but molested in a college party when I was 22. I was at a friend’s house, where the party was held with all my classmates and friends. I remember having too much to drink and feeling really sick so I asked my friend if I could sleep in one of the bedrooms for a few minutes.

She took me to the guest’s room and told me to rest there. When I entered the room, there where two beds and one male classmate was sleeping there. He seemed completely asleep and was also snoring, so I laid down in the other bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up I had my pants down and he was touching me.

I started screaming and insulting him, I was in shock. A couple of friends came in and I told them what’d happened. He denied everything and said I came on to him. I tried to report him, but no one believed me. Some of my friends even told me it would a waist of time to press charges because no one would believe a drunk girl.

It was really painful to go through all that. I felt really shameful and lonely, depressed.

This is my story. I haven’t spoke about it since then.


Survivor, age 35

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