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Let me start by complimenting Ms. Abargil on a Brave struggle. I too have competed in pageants, though never reaching the International stages, and well know the sexual harassment attracted. I have the fortune to not have matters progress to such violence, as she contended with. I do not feel I could have mustered the Bravery to compete following an assault.

This weekend, I fought my way to replenish the Holiday supplies following the locusts that visited. I am a small woman, with an infant in a carrier, and a small daughter in tow. After exhausting hours in vain attempts to avoid being trampled, I put my cart of food in the car.
A man in a hoodie approached, though nothing suspicious, along the line of cars, and as he got to me, asked if I needed help, and I said I was done, but Thank You.
He pulled a large kitchen knife! I told him to stay calm, I have children here. I was just about out of money, but he could have it. He said he wanted ME, and to lie in my back seat, and take off my pants!
I told him I would do as he wanted, but showed my seat was full, and I had to keep my children safe, and after that, he could do as he wished. He told me to go ahead, and I thanked him.
I had my daughter sit in her car seat, and I put my son and carrier on the seat, and told them I would be right here, even if it got scary. I started to turn back saying “OK”.

More nervous than I have been in my life, I caught my keys in the closing door, and yanked one of my fobs loose on purpose, and I kicked it under my car. The fob was purchased by my husband: it was a Rape Alarm! I thought it was a stupid waste of precious cash on something I would never use, UNTIL THAT MOMENT! If you are unaware, this item has a pull pin, like a grenade, and when it is pulled, makes a loud noise until it is returned, which is not an easy task! I grabbed an item from the door, and slammed it shut, locking it with the other fob.
My children safely locked in, and my electronic making a siren under my car, I backed around the bumper and held aloft my new weapon: An Air Horn! I Blasted it in the air, interspaced with “HELP!”
For some reason at this point, the gentleman decided we did not have enough Privacy for his liking!

3 men chased him around a corner, and up more rows of cars, until catching him, and as he discarded the knife down a drain, he did not resist. He played that he did not know what I was talking about, and charged the men with assault.
The police are recovering security footage, and attempting to access the sewers for the weapon.
My children were scared, but unhurt, as was I, though less important, had things gone without noise.

— Chun, age 23

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