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Violent Rape

am 20 years old. This year, 8 February 2016, I walked out my back door to check on my washing. An African male smashed a beer bottle over my head and another one caught me as I lost my balance and ushered me inside. They shuffled me through to the bedroom, the one cable tied my hands to my bed and the other held my ankles down so that I couldn’t fight. Somewhere along the line they had grabbed one of my kitchen knives and proceeded to cut my jeans down the left side of my leg leaving a long gash in my leg. The one proceeded to hold my ankles while the second one got on top of me and started using the broken beer bottle to slice all over my body. He then raped me. The doctors catalogued 27 gashes from the beer bottle as well as the one from slicing my jeans. I am in therapy now. I am on the verge of being hospitalized… I can’t do any thing on my own. I have panic attacks and nightmares and I am in a constant state of panic and terror.

— Survivor, age 20


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