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Walk Me?

Saturday, I was out at Karaoke @ Rigby’s Bar with a set of close friends. I had drinks, but wasn’t drunk. I had to work in the morning, so I wasn’t staying late. I was worried about getting raped on the way to my car, so I asked for an escort. I got 2 volunteers, and I had Dale walk me to the car.
I got there and unlocked the doors, thanking him for making sure I got to the car. Dale then pinned me against the car, kissing me. He opened the door, and pushed me onto the back seat, where he raped me.
I called the cops, and hung up, called the hotline and hung up, called my best friend and hung up. Dale texted me to see if I got home O.K. I went to work on time. I got an invite to go out next Saturday. It’s like nothing happened at all. Am I expected to forget?

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