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Was It Rape?

I was at a party about 2 months ago and I had had way too much to drink. But there was a boy who was fairly attractive and I agreed to hook up with him. We went to the back of the garden and were kissing behind a shed (not my proudest moment). But what has been bugging me all this time is that I can’t remember a lot of what happened. I keep trying to replay what happened but a lot I have forgotten. I remember being on the ground and he had his dick out, and I remember him forcing me to give him head. I also remember lying down and I think he slept with me but I don’t remember consenting. I have lots of mutual friends with him and he has recently been accused by another girl for sexual assault. I have told my friends and they think I should tell someone because he was very sober and I was so drunk, but I don’t know! I would hate to falsely accuse someone but I can’t get it out my head, and I have to keep googling and searching on YouTube for help about was my story rape.

— Survivor, age 20

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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