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Was Once a Best Friend

It actually wasn’t too long ago that this had all happened although I do see myself as less naive and a stronger person since it has all happened. I would give anything to take back my own choices that day and maybe take a more light approach. So, me and this guy had been best friends since we were born, our parents knew of each other and we were born around the same time. We would do everything together my first day of high school would’ve been a tragedy without him. About three years into high school he had decided to tell me how he felt about me, I was well, overwhelmed I didn’t want such an amazing friendship to be spoiled over him being my boyfriend. So I softly declined and somewhere along the lines he snapped, he flipped out and started shouting at me swearing at me etc. It wasn’t pleasant so I decided to just leave but before I could leave I was met by a few blows to the head. I have to say I would’ve never imagined him being this violent he had always been so loving and gentle with me and this just saddened me so much that I remember completely breaking down in front of him. I had dropped to my knees and put my head into my palms. I was so frightened of this side of him. A few minutes of crying and I had been dragged to my feet and thrown over his shoulder. I then remember being in his bedroom and him stripping me of my clothing. I didn’t fight back because I already knew what was about to happen. I’m small. I stand at about 4’10/11 so I just sobbed and pleaded for him to leave me alone. The best friend I once knew was no longer inside there and I wonder if it had all been an act. After he had done what he wanted he made me stay the night and of course I was reluctant, but disagreeing with an angry abusive guy wasn’t the best idea at this moment so I had stayed the night.

— Survivor, age 16

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