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We All Have a Voice

This is very hard for me to write this but after just watching this movie it brought me to tears and I realize now that more people need to speak out about this. When I was in grade 9, 13 years old, I was brutally raped by 2 men that I did not know. I was burned on the legs, a knife was taken and slid across my stomach resulting in a scar. The rape felt like it was never going to stop, at one point I remember just leaving my body. It is very hard to explain but if you have experienced a trauma like this you may understand what I am talking about.

This was the first time I had experienced any form of sexual acts. I was only 13 and wanted to believe that evil did not exist. After the brutal rape I felt disgusting and ashamed as the two men got up to leave I remember hearing one of them say I’m sorry. I laid there for a long time naked, ashamed, and in disbelief that this could happen to me.

I am now 16 and have only told people very close to me about my experience. I can no longer be touched by anyone or experience any type of “love” from a man. Although I am still in the healing process, I realize that this is not my fault and that I am a survivor. As well as every other person that has experienced rape.

This movie has changed the way I see myself and as crazy as it sounds, it has changed the way I see my rapists. I now feel sorry for them and although they had control over me in that moment I realize now that they are weak and I am the strong one. I hope that everyone watches this movie because it really helped me to be able to live with myself me live with the rape. To whoever is reading this, thank you. We all have a voice and it deserves to be heard.


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