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What Happened?

I was 4 years old. My Aunt and her friend (male) abducted me. This was in the 60’s – before anyone thought of Amber Alerts.
Apparently the kept in some form of contact with my mother during this time there is even a picture of me on the phone apparently talking to my mother while I was in their custody.

I was returned to my mother approximately 1 month later. When I was returned I was left on the door step – my Aunt rang the bell and disappeared into the dark of night. Now here’s the weird part – when I was abducted I was speaking in full sentences – normal 4 year old. When I was returned I didn’t speak a word – I eventually regained my speaking ability.

Questions I ask myself more often than I should:
1) What happened when I was away?
2) Why did I stop talking – if I was just mad at my mother for letting me go for so long you think I would have started speaking again.

— Survivor, age 54

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