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When I Was 16

I lived a life of luxury in Spain a young millionaires. When I got 16 my mum lost all our money not her fault though our step farther took everything and ran away with her secretary. Due to the loss of money we had to move. I was a virgin moving to Kent with nothing. It was hard when all I was use to was boarding school and lovely people around me. When I arrived at Kent in the UK within the first few weeks I was date raped by a boy. I was so scared and shocked when I woke up and realized the blood and tears to my clothes waking up to him. He just laughed and said nobody would believe me. I rang my mum and she called the police. I tried for ages to get him convicted but they believed his lies a lot of evidence was lost and I lost my case. For years I turned to drugs and dysfunctional relationships with men. I was getting in fights never finished my education and even went into to escorting for a few months I’ ve moved around endlessly feeling lost. Luckily I have the most amazing family they have supported me and helped me in so many ways. I am now a lesbian. My gf is beautiful we have been together two years. I am going back into education. I just want to start all over again. Watching this documentary has helped me understand and learn so much this woman is beautiful inspiring and has done something many haven’t. If she can do I can do it. I’m so proud she has represented woman all over the world. Thank you so much I am looking to study social care so I can help other girls myself and also people who loose themselves to drugs. I am 23 and a proud survivor. I love all of you who have struggled with this Issue your all so beautiful and it’s never to late to change you ending don’t get stuck in the cycle of shame distrust over eating drugs alcohol and meaningless sex. You are worth so much more lets get out there and change the world and our stories xxxxxx God bless Angels

— Jodie, age 23


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