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When I Was 8 Years Old

It is a miracle I am alive. I come from a family in which my step mother and father molested, raped and raised me behind closed doors with the secret of rape… Among the dinner parties with friends and family around.. my brother and I suffered in silence. We had no name for what was being done to us. I never knew what I kind of day I would have living with pedophiles. My father also sold me to a man at a bar when I was 8 years old. I was tied with barbed wire at my feet and hands, tortured and raped as well. Several days later my father came and got me and told me that I would be “taken away” if I told anyone…It is also important to note that pedophiles keep the company of other pedophiles….
It has taken me most of my life to process what I have lived through and survived.. ..
There are no laws that can prosecute my step mother or father since the statue of limitations has passed…
My own family has disowned me since I started talking about the abuse-aunts, uncles, cousins.. and my brother as well….

THANK YOU for speaking up…
this is not a joke..about my story..
may god bless you with your family..
You are one of gods angels.. It’s nice to know I am not alone…there are others..

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