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Why I Hate My Family

For the longest time it was just my mom, her sister, my brother, and sister. I didn’t know any other relatives. Mom got pregnant way to young and her family had left her. So when she mentioned that my siblings and I were going to Visit our uncle (who we never met) for a couple of weeks I was pretty excited. Hours after meeting my uncle I started to feel very uncomfortable around him. It was a strange feeling but neither my sister or brother felt it. I thought it was just me and pushed it aside. But later that night I would know that my instincts were right the whole time. My entire family has hearing problems so I didn’t hear my uncle come into the room until he was in the bed. My sister was across the room. No matter what did I couldn’t escape and my sister just continued to sleep. The next morning my entire body was sore. At this point I wanted to go home. But my brother and sister was really enjoying there stay mostly because our uncle was basically letting them do what ever they wanted. After a week of I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally told my sister and I was devastated because she didn’t believe me. She told me I was just jealous of the whole thing. No matter what I said my sister refused to take my word. So I just gave up. I let my uncle take control of me for many weeks. I had to lie to my mother about my bruises and cuts. But this technique didn’t work on my brother and he demanded to know the truth. In fear that he would reject me just like my sister I didn’t tell him. This went on a little bit longer. At some point my brother told my mother and the next thing I knew both of them were integrating me. Finally I decided to tell them the truth. There reaction was one that I will never forget. My mother just held me close while my brother contracted the police. I wasn’t sure what I wanted at that point other then to be as far away from my uncle as possible. This was 6 yrs ago and I’m only just recovering. I haven’t dated anyone yet mainly because I don’t trust anyone anymore. What my uncle did ruined me forever. Even though he’s in jail I will always look over my shoulder in fear.

— Survivor, age 19

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