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Worst Day Ever

I was about 6 years old when I was raped by my neighbor, we had these trees that went along our fence and if you where behind them no one could see you. He was about 15 and he came over and climbed the fence, he told me to take of my pants and I did because I was a naive little girl. And he raped me. I don’t remember much, just wanting it to stop. hHe told me if I called out or told anyone he would hurt me. I didn’t tell my parents for 2 years and sometimes he would come over to help my dad with yard work and would give me this disgusting smile and I would run and hide. When I finally told my parents and we went to court but his dad was friends with the police and the judge so the he got away with it. They say he was to young to even know what he did wrong. He was 15! He also raped others girls and their family’s took him to court and when the called the head cop in our town to see if I wanted to testify he said I didn’t want to, but did want to! My parents didn’t find out till it was to late. For fifteen years I had to live next to him and see him almost every day, the sight of him made me want to vomit. I blame myself for what happened, because I didn’t do anything I just let him do that to me. Thank you for giving me a voice.

— Survivor, age 15

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