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Wrong Choice

This happened like 6 years ago…it was when i was young and stupid, going on drinking binges with my close friends. There was normally 5 of us, this night one of my girl friends left to go pass out, so it was just me and the guys. I thought it was all fun and stuff, we kept drinking and having a good time. One of the guys (this guy i had a crush on) he said he was ready to pass out, so I asked if he wanted company to make sure he gets home. It was all good, we walked and talked. We just get to his place and he sneaks in through his bedroom window, just as i was about to climb in, I black out. When I come to…I’m laying on his bed, half naked with him on top of me. I try to get up but he keeps going, I try push him off..but this guy is bigger than I was. The only way I got him to stop was to fall off the bed…I thought I could trust him…but clearly I was wrong. It still haunts me to this day.

— Survivor, age 22

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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