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You are with me!!

Dear Rapist,
I hate you. I hate how you took advantage. I hate how you violated me. I hate how I no longer see the world as beautiful any more. I hate how I only see the evil. I hate how every day I live with what you done to me. I hate how I can’t go out without feeling vulnerable or exposed. I hate how you haunt my dreams. I hate how I will never be the girl I was 1 year ago. But most of all I hate how you control my life.
For you it might of been a quick impulsive thing that you don’t think about anymore.
For me you took my life away and I’ve had to stand by and watch it burn. You’ve broken me. Every day I paste a smile on my face while I die on the inside. I want to scream!
How dare you! You vile pathetic excuse of a man. You make me sick.
How dare you make a beautiful act between two people who love each other and turn it into something that makes my skin crawl! I will never make love with my partner and feel beautiful about my self afterwards. Now you’ve turned it into a nightmare that makes me run into the bathroom and scrub my skin until it’s red raw. You did that to me! I now feel sick and dirty after sex. No matter how loving my boyfriend is I can’t shake away the guilt I feel afterward. The shame. You make me sick. I can’t go to work without feeling scared in case I see you again. But I know who you are! I hope you burn in hell you piece of shit.

— Jessica, age 20


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