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Your First

It was two weeks before my 15th birthday. I was on a vacation with my father and I was out with kids my age and 3-4years older. I had meet a few of them before. We were all drinking and it was my first time with alcohol.

After awhile, we went to a persons house and I needed to us the toilet. A guy knocked on the door and because I was on my way out, I opened the door. He then locked the door and came behind me and started raping me. I was so young and had not even had a boyfriend before. I felt it was all my fault, since i did not try to stop it.

I could not tell anyone about this for years. I felt so ugly and that the only way boys could ever like me was if they could do what ever they wanted with me. I talked with the guy a few year later, and he felt he had done nothing wrong and said I wanted it. Even though it is a long time ago, I still feel it is a big part of me. To be honest I feel kinda fucked up.

I am so blessed that I have found a guy to share my life with and he is my rock.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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