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“You’re both minors”

I had just turned 14, I was talking to this guy a couple years older than me. He was 16 almost 17. We had been friends for years but started to hang out more. One night we went to the state fair and went back to my house around 11, we hung out with my family watching movies. It started to get late & he lived about 45 minutes away so my mom said it was okay if he stayed the night. We had to leave my bedroom door open and one of us had to sleep on the floor. I didn’t think anything would happen. My door was open and my mom was across the hall. However I was laying on the floor when he decided to join me. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to cuddle. I immediately had a bad feeling. He started to rub me through my pants. I told him to stop several times. I was young and a virgin and I wasn’t ready. He didn’t listen and continued doing it. I smacked him and tried pulling him off of me because he had his arms around me. He was stronger than me and I couldn’t get him to stop. He stuck his hand in my pants and forced his fingers inside of me. I was begging him to stop. He said I would enjoy it and I would thank him later. He grabbed my hand and put it in his pants and began saying dirty stuff to me. I will never get this incident out of my mind. Just as he was about to have sex with me. My mom had opened her door. He stopped and got back into the bed. Now over a year later, it haunts me. It’s a long painful process of healing. When I told my mom about it the next day we went to the police station and they said they could do nothing about it because we were both minors. It was extremely painful knowing the law doesn’t look at it as rape if we’re minors. I still said no!

— Survivor, age 16

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