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5th Grade

I was in 5th grade the first time I was raped. I know the name of this man, but I prefer to not say. Let’s call him Number6 and his friend Number5.

After school, one day we got on the bus because I had to go to the Middle School for a club project. I went to the very back like always and sat down when Number5 and Number 6 came back. I ignored them. Both these boys were quite strong and tall. When they loomed over me, I was scared. I admit it.

First thing they did, was reach their hands up my shirt and told me to shut up, otherwise they would kill my family. Then Number6 unzipped his pants and took off my underwear and pants and the next thing I knew, was pain shooting up. I remember begging him to stop and him not listening. Then Number5 tried it. It didn’t hurt as much but still devastated me. I was bleeding and then they got off the bus. I immediately told my parents and they immediately called the cops. The boys were both found guilty of rape and did serve time in a juvenile detention center.

Still to this day, I struggle with memories and pain.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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