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Abused at the Age of 4

I wased raped at the age of 4 by own uncle I was just a innocent child couldn’t do anything to save me! He took avanage of me when my mom would leave to school or when my own parents weren’t home. This happen for about a year straight. Everything changed the first time it happen he used tricks to fool me he had everything I like my favorite tv show on candy everything you would imagine a 4 year old would want. I don’t blame my mom she was working all day and going to school all night to give my 3 brothers and I a better life because both my parents came from Mexico not knowing english and to know that my moms own brother would do that to her own sister daughter! He would rape me in his room and the garage all this stopes around the age of 4 1/2 to 5. I thought I could forget everything that happen to me when I was a little girl but no later on in the years I started to remember parts and more parts of every sexual thing my life was torn to pieces I wasn’t the same little girl anymore. I felt used and dirty inside never had the courage to tell my mom what happen to me until my freshman of high school the reason why I didn’t tell her is because I thought she wouldn’t believe me because it was her brother. But I’m thankful that she did believe me! I’m now 17 years old a junior in high school I’ve almost spent my life hiding every saddens I felt and I would only take my anger out. By getting abused at a younger age affected my life till this day I can’t even say the whole story without crying. My uncle didn’t get charge because we didn’t have proof it was to late but he didn’t get hurt or his life ruind! I did attend a lot of years of therapy and trama therapy just to get over it but it scared me for life. Thank you Linor Abargil for making think page and if your still helping people with talking about how to achieve and not let the abuse take over I wo uld love to talk to you!! Much love!! I watched your documentary today you have the hope and strength that I needed.

Take care,



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