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I’ve Never Told Anyone Before

I was first raped at the age of 13 hanging out with my friends when I wasn’t supposed to be. It was one of my friends there who was the son of my best friend. To this day you are the first that I have told. I did not tell his mother nor mine to this day and won’t. That night was the first time that I’ve been raped.

The last time I was raped was by my only child’s (my beautiful son) abusive father. I’ve never spoken of that either. You are the only person that knows other than my abusive ex. He is a very bad man and pure evil. My son witnessed and was subject to abuse as well and holds a great hatred for such doings. If my family knew it would hurt them greatly, so I carry the burden myself because we’ve all been through enough and are still going through very hard times.

I just finished watching your documentary and it have me the courage to be able to tell you and know that I’m not the only one in the world that feels the way I do. I want to thank you for doing what you’ve done. You help us to have the power to deal with it and to know that it’s not our fault and that we can go on!


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