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Why: A Poem About My Rape

Soothe my whys with soft whispers
Wipe my tears with your love
Make me whole again

No more, I beg
No more
No more
Unwanted touch
Stiff, rough caresses
No man to hold me down,
Give me forbidden kisses
Legs forced apart
Like rusty hinges
Hinges to a door that leads
To a place that has known much pain.

Lust thrust upon it
Desert dry, forced entry
Aching, throbbing
No natural waters
His pleasure
My demise
No more
No more
I wont survive.

Send hands that heal
A gentle touch
Restoring Life
Reviving Joy
To the rusty hinges
Of the door that leads
To the place that has known much pain.

I begged for mercy
But mercy never came
Help me understand
Soothe my whys with your healing
Dry my tears with your love
Help me fly
Fly like a dove
Purest white and free
Help me fly away.


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