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Survivor Video Testimonial #1 – Morgan

“Miss World” Documentary – Survivor Testimonial #1 – Morgan from Linor Documentary on Vimeo.

Visit our Documentary Campaign page:

We’re beginning to post testimonials from some of the incredible women Linor met along the way. Many are survivors who posted on Linor’s website, who Linor was able to meet when she was traveling or speaking in their cities. Often, Linor was able to give strength to the women she met, by sharing her own experience and allowing them feel less alone. And sometimes their courage and dignity helped Linor through hard times she had along the way.
The first survivor we’re featuring is Morgan, a courageous young woman from North Carolina. Morgan is one of so many girls and women who have joined Linor in fighting the reflexes of shame and silence. An excerpt from the letter where she speaks about the impact that Linor made on her is posted on our campaign home page. After meeting with Linor, Morgan was able to summon the courage to track down her molester.


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