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Just Playing

My brother and I got into some basic games of “Doctor”. Nothing starting out as abuse, just a lot of looking, and a little touching.
One afternoon he inserted a finger, and I got a little blood. I went and told an adult, as I was supposed to, and because my mother was out, I went to my stepfather.
He had to see what was done, and he rubbed some ointment on it. No, I was so young that nothing seemed wrong.
We played “Doctor” too, and he progressed to using items down there. One day he changed to using his penis. He was taking care of me, so nothing was wrong, except that my brother saw us.
Now, one would expect that he would tell our mother. Not my brother, who wanted to play that way also.
We stopped calling it “Doctor” when I learned the “F”-word. This didn’t stop it, just what we called it.
My stepfather died in a work accident, and my brother moved on to girls his age. I just refused to acknowledge any activity clear into college.

— Survivor, age 18

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