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14 year old raped at school

I was a freshman girl. I was 14. I stayed after school to retake a test and pay my art fee. As I was walking towards the art building, a guy that I’ve only talked to a few times appeared. He told me he had something awesome to show me and I believed him because he was just a friendly dude that I knew around school. He brought me near the outdoors boys locker rooms and he pulled me in there. I was still oblivious. I looked around and he’s standing there taking his “thing” out of his pants. I immediately froze. I had never seen that before. For a 14 year old freshman, I was pretty innocent. I still didn’t fully understand what was happening. I was kinda stupid. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. He stole my first kiss and soon stole my virginity. I was frozen in shock half the time. Of course I hesitated. Of course I tried to push him off. But soon after struggling I just gave up. I should’ve kicked him in the balls and broke his glasses but I was that confident then. I hope one of you reads this and learns that if someone’s doing something to you that you don’t like and they won’t stop, kick their ass. -made up name

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