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3 Generations

My mother grew up in a house hold with 10 older siblings. One of them is a half sister who was raped by her father and became pregnant with my mother’s brother/nephew. Everyone knew it was happening but instead kept quite. My grandmother was jealous of her own daughter one who was also a product of rape.

My sister was molested by a neighbor when she was 5 years old and from my understanding his charges weren’t that high.

My mother was raped by my own father after having my older sister. She soon found out she was pregnant and had an illegal abortion in her home country of Mexico since she didn’t want to bear a child from that experience. She went back to my father believing he has changed. 8 years later and a miscarriage after I was born. Soon after they separated.

In order to make due my mother rented out apartments in our backyard. There were two. She always make sure to rent them out to females or those with family.

From the age of 10 to 14, I was molested and in the end raped by one of these men. He was 26, I believe, and his wife was older maybe 35 with a step son who was just a few years younger then me. He would touch me and make me feel special. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I knew it was wrong for him to touch me, but he was so nice. Then he pushed and pushed and finally stopped being nice and raped me. Even today my mom has no idea he raped me since I denied it saying it was only touches. She balms herself for not seeing the signs after all she has seen. Since then, I went to college and met my husband who knows some of my history, but not my full family history. We are looking forward to starting a family soon. I will do my very best to protect any children from this long line of what may seems to be a curse. However knowing the world and that 1 in every 3 female will be sexually assaulted before she is 18 and male are under reporting their own sexually assaults I will also make sure that they are strong.

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