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5 years now

I have noticed that 5 years now i have become really afraid of men , people and everyone in general .I had tried to make myself think that that’s happening because somewhere someone made fun of me .Thats a lie . When i was younger , everyone who tried to make fun of me was being humiliated by me i was a fierce and outspoken girl In my senior year some guys flirted with me 3-4 times by telling me that i was pretty telling me that they want yo sleep with me and that a friend of them likes me Again i was afraid and i thought that was because they were mocking me or because i was not used to flirting .The cause was different. I was started to remembering that i had been molested at 14 and my fear of men exists since then and all these years i was fooling myself. The time that made me accept it was when this guy who said he liked me touched me inappropriately and made me relive my trauma . Now i am extremely paranoid i think that everyone will do that to me even if someone accidentally touches me i am triggered I lost completely my self-esteem.

— Survivor, age 19

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