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A Different MeToo

This is the first time relating how I was sexually abused. That is not the story.
As a late teen, I ran afoul of a bully. In addition to the cliché treats to beat me, and take my cash, he gave me the high value for letting me give him head. This meant he’d be satisfied, and not rape me for his satisfaction. About once a week or so, he got his protection paid. His group got to watch and comment.

It was at one of these displays that his brother visited from foster care, and was invited for an entertaining afternoon.
I had just started on the bully, and he announced that he might want to take full sex anyway. He ripped my shirt almost in pieces, and torn my waistband. I had little fighting ability, and figured this was about to be my first time.
He grunted, and turned away, as his brother hit him with a branch. Following was a karate type strike to the jaw, and elbow. As he hit the ground, the brother said he made his deal, and I was complying, so there was going to be no raping today.

The brother took me away, and behind some buildings, he took off his shirt and offered it to me. He politely turned his back so I could change, though I caught his peeking, but that was Okay.
I didn’t expect anyone to help me, especially his family, so the obvious WHY? came to mind.

He told me that their Uncle used to abuse them. He raped them both repeatedly, with their Mother’s full knowledge. He knew what it was like, and the difference between oral and intercourse, with regard to hurt. He wasn’t going to consider it as entertainment.
At his revelations, I didn’t feel like I had been assaulted. He had been assaulted, long before. I could leave, move out, or find help for my raper, he couldn’t leave his family.
Neither of us had anyone to talk to about this kind of thing. Only one of us had a wet shoulder caused by the owner of the shirt. He never had a long hug before that day.

We exchanged contact information, and we wrote every couple days, more when the feelings surfaced. We met around holidays, and could call if it was needed.
He introduced me to his girlfriend one day, and NO, that wasn’t an issue, we never saw each other that way. He felt the courage to have a relationship thanks to my help. I have to say I was reluctant to start a sexual relationship, without his support back.
I no longer care about who knows my history. As to my friend, it would be his story to share.

— Tonya, age 19

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