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A friend who is a rapist

I’m a survivor maybe not as strong as I was but I will work to make myself stronger.

As a mother of 3 boys and a wife of 10 years. I never thought one of my husband’s friends would peep at me while changing or grab me and finger me kiss me corner me when my husband was out of the house or sight. I never thought I would be showing him out the door would he grab my hips and pull my pants down and assault me in front of my kid. I didn’t fight or argue with him he didn’t care that I would push him away or say no, he smiled and comments of how he wife doesn’t matter even after I told him no countless times how I didn’t want to disrespect her and their kids he blew it off by telling me I wanted it. No I didn’t you had no right to take power from me to disrespect my home me and my family.
I have faced shaming posting on websites words on my car even public verbal attacks hateful looks I have to live with it but be degraded humiliated and judge for it and he get to get away with it.

I will over come it by living above it and make myself stronger by taking action to normalize and rebuild my life.
But this guy is a rapist.

— Survivor, age 27

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