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A Night I Will Never Forget

I was so beyond excited for this night. This night was suppose to be so fun. My best friend asked me and another friend to come to a party. So my friend and I got all dressed up and ready to go. The whole drive there we were so excited to go and jamming in the car. When we got there it started off very fun, everyone was dancing and talking. After being a little intoxicated I told my friend I wanted to kiss a cute boy that night , and to set me up with one of his friends. My friend did as I asked. This taller, blonde, who I thought was cute at the time came up to me and I grabbed his hand and we walked to the front yard. He turned me and kissed me, and that went on for a little while. I do not remember/blocked out much of what happened up until we said we were gonna have sex. So as the cops arrived he took me out back and held my hand and pulled me down a few houses, I was okay with this at that point. He brought me into an outdoor shower at some random person’s house. As things escalated, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable in the way he was acting towards me. At one point I told him I needed to leave because my friends would be looking for me, and he just told me that they’ll be fine and can wait. So I asked him to check my phone to see if they had texted or called me and he told me no. Later on I saw that I had over 5 missed calls and over 10 messages from my friends asking where I was. He laid me down on the ground with the shower door open and I told him I felt uncomfortable and did not want the door open and he told me “it’s fine” and continued. At that point I knew I was stuck there, I had no choice but to lay there and just wait until he was done. I felt frozen and was terrified. As soon as he finished I ran to my friends and broke down crying. It has been a bumpy 10 months since then, but I know things can only go up from here.

— Survivor, age 18


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