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A Picture

January, 2002- August, 2009, I tended bar at night. The establishment was a 3 minute drive, to-and-fro.

In late August of 2009, I became a first-time homebuyer and moved to an adorable subdivision approximately 45 minutes away and returned to college, life was really great.

July, 2011, I received a series “flirtatious” text messages from an anonymous source/sender. After the initial text, I replied, “Sorry, wrong number.” As the messages increased in their vulgarity for a period of 3 hours, I never replied and ultimately turned off my phone.
I awoke the next morning and decided it would be wise to change my number and proceeded to turn on my phone. My home-screen displayed 2 new/unread text messages…

-The first: “Ha! Why are you so shy?”

-The second: A digital photograph of me, passed out/comatose and nude. A man was clearly penetrating me, while 4 others watched/waited with eager smiles and penises in hand.

It’s 2014, I still have no memory of this happening. No memory of whom, where, when, why or how…no recollections of anything, whatsoever.
The women in the photo is definitely me, as my birthmark and grandmother’s ring were unmistakably visible.

I’ve never knowingly used illegal substances and would be considered a social drinker.

I don’t remember…

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