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An Uber Driver Raped Me

Four months ago I was raped by an Uber driver. I went to a party with my friends and decided to go home so I asked a friend to call an Uber for me, since I didn’t had the app, and when I saw a car stop in front of the building, I went out and asked him if he was the Uber and he said yes.

I got into the car and gave him my address. He told me that I had to pay cash and we got into an argument because I insisted that I should pay with the app. Because I really wanted to get home, I told him to take me to an ATM so I could get some cash and he did. Because I had had some drinks with my friends, on the ride home I sort of fell asleep. I woke up in a dark alley, not a single other car or person, and the driver jumping onto the back seat and taking my clothes off.
He strangled me, hit me and raped me.

After that, he dropped me at my place.

I called my brother, went to the hospital, got the rape kit exam and when to the police.

He is currently in prison waiting for his trail. I am trying to move on with my life but there is not an hour in my days that go by that I do not think about what will happen to him and if I will ever get over it. The flashbacks and the nightmares are the worst. I just hope that time will heal everything.

– Survivor, age 22


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