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I wasn’t raped but i sure am traumatized. I use to get nervous every time i saw him but now i’m just mad. It was may 2017. I was a 14 year old sophomore. I was at a new school trying to have fun and trying to get to know my friends better. When a guy approached us. He was a bit short I must admit but wait, i knew him. He’s approached me before he isn’t a stranger. Hes cool. Those were my initial thoughts. I’ve rejected him before but here he is. Back again. He kept persisting to talk to me in private. I said NO. but then i said yes……..Why? Why? Why? did i say yes:( We went up stairs and he brought me to a dark corner where he pinned me on the wall. At first i was laughing giggling actually. I said “Why are we up here?” He just says “Give me a kiss” I said NO! He repeats and I say NO again this continues for another minute or so. He then starts to kiss on my neck and grope me in places he didn’t have permission to touch. He keeps touching me my voice begins to crack and i still Repeat NO. Now i’m really scared. I soon gave in and gave him the pecks he wanted. When he got off of me . He said “Don’t tell anyone” :0 Wow……………. OK And when i told my friends what he did they say “Your taller your bigger you could’ve beat him up, you could’ve just push him and walk away” But they weren’t in my shoes. My strength was gone. My voice was gone. All i wanted to do was cry my pain away.

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