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Assaulted by my neighbor

Am gonna keep this short I definitely don’t remember my childhood much but I do know that,when I was three I was sexually assault by neighbor kids who were three times my age.Being a kid I had no idea what was going on back then but I was still traumatized I stopped eating,fell sick and stopped talking I was always a lively child but after what happened became very quiet my parents were worried but couldn’t figure out what was wrong,I only became myself after moved. I was happy until about five years ago I was almost raped by a neighbor who was around the same age as me I was,l had always had a crush on him so when he started giving me attention I didn’t think much of it until one day he came over when my parents weren’t around to watch a movie were chatting when he suddenly started looking at me strangely he tried to kiss but I fought he over power me and tore my clothes and he started to remove his clothes when my little sister came in she didn’t know what was going on being only four years old but I was thankful she came because after then put back his clothes on left,after then didn’t see him again until him and his family moved. I never told my parent what happened I just became very distant from everyone I even tried committing suicide countly of times because I constantly sexually assaulted or harassed. I blamed myself for it because although I was only eleven I had the body of an adult.I refused to get emotionally attached to any boy or man I even detached myself from my father. Although I still haven’t told my parents am proud to am getting better with the support of my best friend who share my experience being almost at age of nine herself I am overcoming my past trauma though am still cautious around guy and I don’t think I will ever trust any guy completed in my life anymore. Well thats my story am a survivor and its all thanks to my friend well so much for keeping the my story short.Thanks for letting me share my story its taking a lot for me to talk about my experience again.Well bye for those out there suffering from trauma you can overcome it and maybe one day you can tell the world your story as a suvivor.Maybe one day I will have the courage to tell my parents.

— Survivor, age 16

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