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Attempted rape

I am 67 years old now. When I was in college I went on a date in my sophomore year of college with a graduate student. He invited me to his off campus apartment for dinner. When I got there, he offered me a drink of wine, when I accepted. He said he was going to get comfortable and make dinner. He went into the bathroom and came out only with a towel and a towel, an erection, and a condom on. He sat next to me and started rubbing my shoulders which made me uncomfortable. He then started kissing me and pushed me back on the sofa. I asked him to stop and he reached for my underwear. I started to fight and he held me down and called me a “cockteaser”. I kneed him and he ripped my shirt. I managed to get to the door and run out. What saved me was that he was naked and didn’t want to be naked in the hall. I was nineteen and to this day, I still think about it. As I watch the Kavanaugh hearing all 8 hours, I cried and cried. I’ll never forget that I was almost raped, and I had no one to tell. I still say I am a survivor. I am happy married 35 years with 2 very successful children., from a first marriage, but I never told my 1st husband for fear that he would shame me and hold it against e. I did tell my second husband. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

— Antoinette, age 67


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