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Bad Place…Bad…Bad…Bad

I want too say how much the film touched me and encouraged me too know that somehow events that occurred too me as a child, have haunted me over the years.

A cloud has hung over my head for many years, since I became aware of “the bad place.” The feeling is like when you see storm clouds, darkness is the distance and your not sure of when, where, or if the rain will crash down on you, unpredictable. Just like how it must feel when you get the wind knocked out of you.

My story begins with my birth in Houma, Louisiana. At three months old, we moved to California where my parents had met and where I grew up. My father was not happy there, and took me back too Louisiana with him. I was three years old. This is my first memory. He took me on thanksgiving morning, my mother was screaming for him not too take me away. But, he did.

My father had too work so different family members watched me. I have been told by aunts, and uncles that I was a hyper three year old. That I would not listen. Being taken from your mother like that at a young age, what did they expect? My behavior was perfectly normal. I don’t remember anything else about this period in my life until I am 28 years old.

At 28, I moved back to Louisiana. I stayed with my dad and step-mom when I moved, and one day we went to visit relatives – my aunt Alice. My step-mom and I are going into her house, walking in saying pleasantries as one does. She starts talking about when I was little and that my uncle would watch me, her husband.

He has an art studio in the back of the house where he paints, and carves ducks out of wood. My aunt wants too show us the studio.
So we walk to the back of the house and into the studio, and BAM!!!!!!!!! It was like the smell hit me and my mind began too scream BAD PLACE,BAD PLACE,BAD,BAD,BAD. I felt sick. I just wanted too leave, and I felt like a child.

I told my step-mom that i needed too leave, and we left. I told my dad when we got home how I had felt, how sick and horrible I felt. He didn’t know what too say.

A few months later, my cousin and I went to a dance club that was owned by my aunt alice and uncle roy’s son. I really hadn’t thought about the incident much after that. I just didn’t want too. I only knew for sure that I never wanted too step foot in that house again. It was BAD.

So, we speak with my cousin, dance and have fun. My cousin told me that his dad, my uncle, was there and he was serving drinks and I should say hi.

I thought this too be odd, and I didn’t really know why. So, I walked over too where he was, again saying hello, and how are you. I felt he was creepy, he looked creepy.

He looked at me strange and asked me if I wanted him too babysit me again!!!! I froze…walked away, and told my cousin, we left.

I told my family about this and got little support. What do I do with this……….he is dead now. I am glad.

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