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I realized I was holding shame of when I was molested from a childhood friend at age 8. She was a child herself that was brutally molested. For years I held anger towards her then let that go. Then held anger towards her abuser. We were children who both had trust and innocence and in an instance it was taken.

For years I felt shame and anger. I hated myself. I became depressed. Suicidal. Angry. Every negative emotion you can think. I felt so alone. Then when I was 20 years old I was almost raped. At this time I was healing again my spirit was ripped away. I was saved by my friend who heard my muffled screams as my attacker was ripping my clothes off. I blocked this out until I heard your story.

I realized I was still a victim. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I have went through a self help group not for rape well it can be for what ever has taken over your inner peace. I look up to and am proud of you, any of you, who choose to never be a victim again by not being silent. I also thank you because I was able to share this on a deeper level with my boyfriend. Thank you and continue to be brave and courageous.


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