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Breakin Burgler

I had been sitting listening to my headset, and I needed to go to the bathroom. In the hall, I heard some noise, and figured it was my sister sneaking in from a night out. Heading down the hall, I heard it was grunting, and the like.
I got to the living room, and I could see an adult male on top of my sister on the floor. The table was pushed out of the way. I could see some of her clothes were thrown around the room, and he was between her bare legs. She was asking him to stop, and when he did, she was crying on the floor.
He grabbed a bag and left. I asked her what she was doing? She panicked and told me not to tell Mom and Dad cause she snuck out again, and was on probation. I asked her what she was doing with him.
She explained he broke in and was raping her. I didn’t understand exactly why it was a problem, but she was crying and shaking. After calming down a bit, she talked about it, and I let her fall asleep on my lap while I played my game.
She started coming to talk about it when a boyfriend got touchy, or a party got too wild. She knew I would listen, and she could talk to me about it, and I’d be there and be discreet.
She recently passed from cancer. In her bed, she told me that the best thing in her life, was to have that 1 person she could tell anything to.

— Scott, age 41


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