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Bringing the Stories to Light

I am so grateful for the bravery and commitment to change that Linor has demonstrated. When watching Brave Miss World I was moved by her courage.

I have been in contact with Linor and the Brave Miss World team because I am also working toward ending the silence of rape culture. I am completely agree with Linor that rape thrives in silence and as a society, together we can find our voices, tell our stories and collectively stand together to make change.

The project I am heading is called bringing the stories to light. I am collecting stories from those effected by sexual abuse/ assault and am going to be making a book out of the stories. My sole intention is to raise awareness and break the silence.

I would like to encourage those who resonated with Brave Miss World to consider having a look at the bringing stories to light project. You can find it here:

With love and solidarity,

Bringing the Stories to Light is independent of Brave Miss World productions and has permission from the Brave Miss World team to make this post. Brave Miss World team agreed to this post, recognizing we are working toward the common goal of ending the silence and rape culture. I thank Linor and the Brave Miss World for their commitment and hard work.


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