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My Own Brother

My brother was 15 and I was 14, we are 13 months apart. He wasn’t under the influence or anything, completely normal. I was an innocent child and to me I thought this was “normal”. At first it was just touchy feelings for awhile. But eventually, he raped me for months (even though it felt like years). All this happened in my bedroom or living room when my dad wasn’t home. He told me to keep quiet and that if I told anyone he would lie about it and would kill me and that I would ruined our family. I kept my mouth for 6 years. Years later, I started to have flashbacks of the incident and I kept saying “it’s not real, that never happened”, I was in complete in-denial, soon enough I realized what he was doing and had a complete mental breakdown at the age of 20. I finally told someone and my parents knew something was wrong, they knew something terrible happened to me but why didn’t come talk to me? why didn’t they ask me? why didn’t they take him away? Why??

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