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Christmas Horror

On Christmas Eve 2005, my daughter’s father and I walked to a store to finish our last minute Christmas shopping then going to get our 1year old(our only child at the time) something to eat. While he was at the counter about to pay for the items, store was New Orleans-type crowded, I felt someone watching us. My anticipation increased for us to leave. I was rushing him to hurry so we can get home. He still wanted to get her something to eat so we proceeded to go.

As he was talking, he followed us out the store, about two blocks down the street asking us twice did we want to by a 38(a gun). He told him no twice and stopped him in the street. I turned around and he was robbing him. He walked to me, grabbed me with the gun on the side of my hip. Took me to a dark alley and raped me 3times, unprotected, with the gun to my head the whole time (once orally, twice vaginally, and he attempted anal but never succeeded. After he was done, he robbed me. After hours of pain and a hospital trip, I went home and missed my firstborn’s Christmas.

Now, he’s serving 15-30 years in prison.

He may have changed my life but he didn’t stop me from living.

Now, he’s serving 15-30 years in prison.

I can say my life has changed. But he didn’t stop me from living.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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