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Do I say thank you?

I was not sure if I was ready to talk about that night. I haven’t really shared details with very many people. It was my deceased mom’s birthday and I was over my aunts house for a mini celebration. I went to visit one of my friends at Applebee’s. Then it happened. I was abducted. In my own car. silly me not to lock the doors after I got in. I was told to get over and not say a word. I will not get into details but we drove around for what felt like hours. Then he stopped at what used to be one of my favorite parks. I was raped. When he was done he made me drive him home. Can you believe that? I did not know it was his home at first. I found that out later on. I was really out of it and could not remember where i dropped him off. And the best part is he had the nerve to say sorry. I did not know this person and I was told not to look at his face or he would kill me. When I left I drove to my aunts house and nealry broke down her door. I was so afraid to call the police because he said he would find me and kill me. Eventually I did call the police. One year later he was caught. It took some time but he was convicted and got 33 years in prison. I have not been the same since. In some ways I died, and in some ways I came alive. I am a better person today. So do I say thank you? Thank you for killing me or thank you for making me come alive. It took a while to get over the anger part. I was scared all the time. Always looking over my shoulder. It does get better but I don’t think I will ever stop looking over my shoulder. On that night I met one of the most amazing people. She works for the police department, victims services. She is my angel and without her I don’t know what I would have done. So here it goes again. Do I say thank you?

Godbless all of the survivors. Funny thing, I never looked at myself as a victim I have always been and will continue to be a survivor.

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