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Domestic rape

Great for Linor and her support system. Yeehah. I’m really happy someone actually believed her and did something about it.

Most women of domestic violence/rape are shunned, embarrassed, ignored, ridiculed, blamed, etc. Even in the good ol’ middle class US of A… mostly by family members and friends. This is very common. Family of the abuser doesn’t want to deal and after the fact, the wife/victim is not their concern even if they have been in the family for years. After years of asking for help. Crying out. Desperate for someone to do something, we end up devastated, ruined and without anything. No one believes us. Nobody! Of course not, the abuser is ALWAYS innocent with his family. You opened up the dirty secret and now you shall suffer! There is rarely help out there.. No one really wants to deal with someone that has been through this trauma… sad to say. Most of us end up depressed and dead because it’s just too much for another human being to deal with.


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