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Drugged and Gang Raped

The guy I met, I thought was a nice guy. Very undercover, nice, seemed genuine. I met him, he was walking a baby Pitbull. I have a passion for these dogs, rescued some, and have one myself. I invited him to come to visit me, as I had not been in the neighborhood long. I showed him around, and it was empty on 2nd floor. He turned up a few times and every time he did I was by myself. He was chasing me, setting me up. Easy prey! A foreigner in Chicago. I am not American.

The next thing I was in hospital, 3 weeks. Being treated for toxic poisoning for a medication I was taking. Sedated because I wanted to leave. Eventually I did leave. I had memory loss a black hole in my life for years. Cried like a baby and was treated for severe depression. Nightmares over and over again, waking up, hands all over me, faces, men standing around. So much fear, I froze, choked, I could not move, I could not scream. Horrified, at some point I was in and out of consciousness. I put all the pieces together, years later. Nearly died, dropped down to 80 lbs. Having black outs, my hair falling out from toxic poisoning and severe dehydration. I did research, I accidentally bumped into Damion, the guy. Not knowing. But remembering how uneasy he was around me, nervous. He was not sure if I remembered or not. I did not then, but after that encounter, pieces started to fall into place. The rage, the anger, how DARE HE! I filed a police report, no evidence. He asked me a question “Did I remember him leaving?” No not that time. Something told me not to answer the door, my gut. But he get knocking and I got up and let him in and that was my mistake. He is still out there! I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs, the Detective made the statement “these things never go any where”. That made me angry! I called Damion, spoke to him. Told him I knew what he did, and he picked the wrong women to cro ss. And he did, to this day, I remain outraged. But at peace, some days.

I don’t socialize like I use to and go places after dark or late. It happened in my own home. I now have a Pitbull, pepper spray, and have been to Carry Conceal Training. Maybe one day my path will cross with Damion. Only this time I know what he did!

– Janet


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