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Ex-boyfriend rape

I had just turned 17 when I met him. We talked nonstop. Over the phone, at school, after school. Always. We were unofficially dating over the summer. Then he randomly decided to drop me. Well, maybe it wasn’t random- he had a girlfriend of 2 months that I had no idea about.
That December, we started talking again. I saw him multiple days during the week at school and church. His girlfriend cheated on him, and they had broken up a few months earlier.
We talked all the time- about everything. It was like we picked back up where we left off. We flirted a lot.
Then a couple months later, he decided to end everything again. We got into a huge argument. I said some nasty things. I even threatened to hit him. He told me, “no one has ever gotten away with hitting me. Not even a girl. Go ahead, I dare you.” I was terrified. Later, he told me I was his and he was gonna make sure he had me.
And he did. He had his way with me. He wouldn’t stop. I cried, begged, screamed, but he wouldn’t hear me. He threatened me if I were to tell anyone.
I see him at college all the time. I’m scared to walk alone to my car because he’s always sitting in his car watching me. He honks the horn at me and revs his engine when I walk by. I try not to react, but it’s so scary. Once I finish school, I know I won’t see him anymore. I can get through this. #IAmBrave

— Survivor, age 19

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