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Family Rape

One night when I was 12, my cousin came over to spend the night while my parents were out. I kinda was sexually attracted to him so when he was laying down I messed with him and soon he got an erection. I played with it for a little and he then asked if I could suck it and I had no problem with that. He then asked if he could dry hump me with clothes on and we did. He then started touching my under my underwear and when I told him to stop he didn’t and said that I’m a dirty slut and wanted it. In a way I did, so I did nothing after that. When he penetrated me ,he wasn’t gentle and I hurt so much. He came inside me and said that if I tell anyone that he would “Get him and his friends to fuck every hole they can on my body.” About a month later I had to sleep over his house and his friends were over and some were twice my age. They all took turns raping me until I blacked out from the pain. I never told any one what happened.

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