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He over stepped the mark

You have left me empty,
My feelings never the same again,
Trust is a thing of the past,
When you over stepped that mark,
Right and wrong so confused to me,
Blurred feelings between love and hurt,
How can I find out if and when you loved me as your girl?
Years along the line and I still feel this loss,
My childhood and love is gone,
It will never return the same,
Adult hood carrying this memory around mixed emotions about life to follow,
I want to be free,
I want to be loved in the right way,
And I want to love right and know it’s ok,
I am strong, I will live my life happy, and I will love,
Starting with loving my children the right way,
I learnt from you of what not to do,
You are wrong and suffer the consequences , you may be free now but inside you won’t,
You carry the pain of what you done,
You lost your family when you stepped over that mark,
Your freedom has gone,
And as for me,
I have my family, I have love real love.
I will forever remember but not be defeated by this and I will use this to make me better.
– [ ]

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