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He said he loved me

I’ve always had a messed up version of love. So when a guy that didn’t want to date me but fool around said he loved me It felt good. I knew him.. I was friends with his sister.. but we were down a stair case at school making out and he kept touching me which was alright at the time. Then he took out his penis and kept repeating “kiss it, lick it, suck it” and trying to put my head down there. I kept saying no and that we should leave but he squeezed my shoulder and said “you’re okay” it shook me to the core. Then he pulled down my pants and I kept saying no. But then he put it in and It hurt. I finally got him to go upstairs and I got sick in the bathroom. I told him that I said no and that was considered rape and he kept saying sorry. School ended a week later so I was fine. But when school started up again I got nightmares badly and 7 months after the incident i finally came out about it and told adults. He admitted to it. But just switched schools. But his sisters gave me dirty looks as much as they could.

— Survivor, age 17

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