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He used me. He left me.

I am 15 years old like a teenager doing my own thing, drama and stuff. one day i was on my snapchat doing SFS which means “shout out for shout out” it’s like you ask someone to post you and say “go add her” sum like that. That’s how you make friends you know. I need friend that time so. LOL
I am a good child, made straight A’s, Happy girl ? etc. but then one day this guy added me on snapchat . let’s call him John, so i added John back because why not? we started texting he is funny, hella cute, fine etc. He lives in GA like me but he lives one hour away from me and his 2 years older than me but duh i don’t care we were just texting right? We always talk everyday 24/7, few weeks past by we start liking each other so that time we stop texting and we start calling everyday mf day, we sleep together on the phone, we texting non stop so we started dating but we haven’t seen each other still. so one day we decided I sneak him in my house, yeah i sneak him because i wasn’t allowed to have a bf and my parents are so strict. I can’t really go everywhere, so i decided to sneak him, when i first met him it went good we talk, watch Netflix, we just hangout then we had sex. (yes we had sex!) he didn’t force me or anything though but yeah. August 2018 my dad found out i had a bf that i met online (which is true but eh i already saw him so no for me) he grab my phone and talk to him (yelling and cursing at him) so i skip school the day after that and went to his house he picked me up at school, i talk about him about my dad and we decided to tell him about us, after we talk…. again… we had sex like bruh! also i met his mom, his mom is so nice i love her already, she dropped us home when we got home we saw a sheriff car. My dad called the police when we got out of the car. The police started asking us a question and i got scared and i ended up saying we had sex, my dad got so mad and they charged him statutory rape. I got so mad at my dad because why his doing this. I love him and everything. They telling me he just took advantage of me and they talking shit about him etc. I didn’t listen to them because i know i love him and my dad did the custody thing that he can’t call me and text me if he did his going to jail for 18 months. I got so sad and depressed because my parents won’t understand me and i feel so lonely so i started ignoring my parents and started to text him i know i can’t because i’m gonna get in trouble or both of us but that time i didn’t care. I did text him while we having conversation i don’t feel anything like spark because when we always text i feel something inside me “love” but that time he was being dry and all but i didn’t care at first because maybe he’s sad of all this happening. I’m so worried at him, I care about him so much, I always talk to him what we should do because we having a court this December 2018 but still i feel like he’s losing feelings for me and started to think he didn’t care about me i mean frfr he never asking me How am i doing? Am I okay? This and that but i still ignore it. I got so depressed because i feel like why am i feel so lonely because i thought we are in this together. Then my dad keep yelling at me and stuff in which make me so sad. I love him he made me so special, he made me feel i’m his the only one, he told me everytime he loves me, he cry for me a lot. But then he left me, he took advantage of me, he used me. Yeah it really hurts i can’t accept it because even though were long distance i do trust him! I really do!!. I’m so fucking stupid i should’ve listen to my parents, i should’ve do this. But well it happened i fucked up. I thought he really loves me because he made me so special, no one made me so special before so that’s why i thought he fr loves me. I thought he is serious about our relationship but he just planning something. TOOK MY VIRGINITY!!! I admit it i wanted him to take my virginity because i thought he is the one, He did something to me that i can’t explain. He make me special in type of way but I’m so stupid i almost choose him over my family like wtf! I’m really stupid. My parents said “i’m smart with everything but i’m stupid in love” they are right though i’m STUPID!… I’m planning to defend him in court because i thought we were in love and i thought this is LOVE. I wanna fight for us but then i knew he was just taking advantage of me i wanna make him suffer and go to jail so GOOD LUCK FOR HIM! Not trying to be mean but he deserve this and i know lot of people experienced this someone taking advantage of them and they didn’t do anything for them so i’m not just doing this for me i’m doing this for everyone also…. Thank you for listening to my story 🙂


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