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I Am A Survivor

It’s been 7 months since you raped me. 7 months since you took something so valuable to me. I still feel your hands around my neck and your breath down my neck. I was so scared to tell my own parents because you threatened me you would hurt me if I did. I lived those 7 months trying to forget about what you did to me. The moment you walked through the doors I didn’t know I would have been violated the way you violated me. You grabbed me and threw me on the couch and wrapped your hands around my neck, I felt so lifeless, I could barely breathe, at that moment I thought my life was over. I started to scream and kick and fight for myself but you overpowered me. You put your hand over my mouth and I will never forget that nasty smirk you gave me and you told me I wanted it. You ripped my shirt and I kept trying to kick you off of me and then you hit me, as the blood from nose dripped down my face you continued to take my pants off, you raped me and laughed as i felt completely lifeless. You threatened to take my life if i spoke, that night after what you did to me I didn’t want to be alive but I knew I was strong, and still to this day I know I am but it’s hard to keep staying strong, I look in the mirror and I see me from that night, blood dripping down my chin and the pain I feel burns me. I am staying strong for myself and my parents. I finally feel the courage to speak out, the pain is still there but I am not a victim, I am a survivor. I will continue to build myself up and live my life happy. You may have taken one thing from me but you will never take my pride and dignity, that will forever stay with me. I am a survivor.

— Survivor, age 18


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